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I’ve finished Kare Kano!!! T^T uhuhu

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kpopforum WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
Hi, I'm a big, big Kare Kano fan and I'm so glad I found your blog. Even though the manga is over 10 years old it's just one of my favorites. I'm surprised there's still a fandom out there for the series so finding your active tumblr made me really happy haha. Thank you so much for this and keep up the great work!!

thank you! even though it’s an older manga it’s still able to touch peoples hearts ^^

15 Mar 2014 3 notes

15 Mar 2014 your-majesty-the-queen (VIA your-majesty-the-queen) 23 notes

Could it be that what I’d always believed to be me was only a fake that I’d created with effort? Maybe within me, there’s another me. The real me.

14 Mar 2014 efondomk (VIA efondomk) 19 notes

kyomeikan WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
I‘m Eureka, I love Kare Kano so much, love your blog so much, hope you can keep posting Kare Kano for ever!

Thank you! I started running the blog because I saw there wasn’t much love for such a great series! I will post more in the future! :) <33333

03 Mar 2014 1 note

loveyoudontevenknow WOULD LIKE TO SAY:
Love love love your blog! :D


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24 Feb 2014 yumiikonee (VIA yumiikonee) 45 notes

Trying to become a creature that was not me was an idiotic thing to do.

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